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Waveback, an app to find people to do stuff with!




Meet new people, try new things

Waveback allows you to find new people to do stuff with! Quickly create and view posts related to doing all kinds of activities, from playing basketball to finding a date. Waveback isn't just for large club organizers, whether you're looking for 10 other people for your bookclub or just one other person to go to the movies with, we've got you covered!


Make and View Posts

Waveback centers around creating and viewing activity-related posts. Creating a post is quick and easy, taking less than a minute to do. Once you find a post that interests you, you can request to join and if the host approves your request, you're good to go!

Explore what's happening

If you know what you want to do, you can go to the category page to search for posts by category (like sports & fitness). But if it's Friday night and you're not sure what you want to do, you can go to the explore page. The explore page shows you posts by people you're following, whats happening later tonight, this week, and this month.

Easily organize activities

We want everyone to feel comfortable creating an activity post, whether you're an experienced club organizer looking to recruit more members or a first-time host looking for 2 more people to fill up your Thursday night poker games. No matter what the event, you can quickly and easily organize it from the convenience of your phone.

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Sports and Fitness



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Clubs and Hobbies




Fun and Games


Movies and TV


Coffee and Chats




Events and Live Performances

Travel and Sightseeing


Whatever you're looking for, we've got you covered

So... how does dating work on waveback?

Dating begins like everything else does on waveback, with a post! Posts made in the dating category involve a date that revolves around an activity. For example, you can make a post about going on a date where you two walk your dogs. Just like every other post on the app, users request to join, so you can choose who you want to go on a date with based on the people that were interested in your post. 

What's special about our approach to dating?

Did you watch that Julia Roberts rom-com where she swiped right and found the man of her dreams? Neither did we. Dating apps these days are taking the swipe right approach that was intended for hookup apps and are using it for dating. At waveback, we aren't trying to change the way you meet your significant other, we're just creating more opportunities for those meetings to happen! Here's why we think our approach is worth your time:

A less stressful first date. Let's face it, sitting across from someone you just met for a first date at a café can be nerve-racking. Waveback's activity-based date is a funner approach to dating that makes dating less intimidating, allowing you to be yourself!

Get a better sense of your potential date. Everyone's profile on dating apps these days sounds similar, emphasizing the same hobbies like hiking or reading. On waveback, you can see what posts users have created and joined by going to their profile, so you get a sense of who your potential date really is based on what activities he/she actually does.


About Us

Waveback was founded on the belief that happiness comes down to two very simple things: spending time with people you care about and having hobbies that keep you excited. While these goals may sound simple, it seems harder than ever to connect with people offline. Social networks supposedly make us more connected, but we've never felt more distant and detached. Waveback is here to change that. We're not an app or a social network, we're a community dedicated to helping each other find meaning, excitement, and purpose in life. Whether you're here to find parties around you or to find a romantic partner, we're here for you. Your next group of friends or hobby could be just a wave away, so go ahead and put yourself out there!

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